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“If you can imagine Sheryl Crow 20 years ago, you already know Ali Handal. With a songwriting style similar to Crow’s, she comes across just as earthy, natural and real. Influenced by folk, rock and alternative genres, Handal’s songs have quirky perspectives that give her musical observations a sense of street credibility.”

“There’s something very inviting about Handal – it’s an intimacy that beckons the audience to her. As Handal’s set progressed, the crowd kept moving forward, inching closer and closer to the stage until they were leaning right on the edge of it. Slowly and sensuously, Handal welcomed them all with a warm smile and personal commentary. This connection formed a bond with her fans that was impressive.”

Bernard Baur – Music Connection Magazine

“Ali doesn’t pull any punches. Her songs literally drip with recurring themes of sex, passion, vulnerability, desire, sex, fearless independence, sex, power, and the longing for true intimacy. And did we mention sex? Ali is the poster-child for the independent Woman of Today–not afraid or ashamed to own her sexuality. Dirty Little Secret explores the slippery emotional terrain between the soul connection we all long for and the physical attraction we’ll sometimes settle for on a Saturday night..”
Garrett Swayne

– Main Street Songwriters Showcase

“Ali Handal is not your typical female singer/songwriter. This woman can play guitar with the best of them, and rock while doing so. Handal is also capable of a tender acoustic number when the mood strikes her. She has a strong voice about her with unlimited range, which she puts to good use on these fine songs. It’s the simple subtleties that make Dirty Little Secret a warm and charming listen.”

– West Coast Performer

“Ali is not only an exceptional singer-songwriter, but a kick ass guitarist! And I don’t mean she’s a good guitarist a la folk singer Jewel, or she’s “good for a girl”. I mean she’s a kick-ass guitarist, electric and acoustic, a la Chrissie Hynde meets Ani DiFranco meets Prince.”

– LIVE Magazine

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