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Backstage with Ali is a club for folks who want a closer connection with me ~ I share new songs before they're released, exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, and Inspiration for you in YOUR creative endeavors.

We've been going strong since September 2019, and now we've added even more perks!


New videos & audio every month from my latest musical adventures
Access to OVER 150+ videos & songs that haven't yet been released to the public
Access to our Private Backstage With Ali Facebook Group


New videos & audio every month from my latest musical adventures
Access to OVER 150+ videos & songs that haven't yet been released to the public
Access to our Private Backstage With Ali Facebook Group
Access to "Play-Along" & "Sing-Along" versions of Ali's songs
Invitation to our Monthly Zoom Hang
First Dibs on All New Merch
10% Discount on All Merch
Your Name Thanked in the Credits on my "Slow Burn" CD & Vinyl artwork!


⭐️ New exclusive content each & every month

⭐️ Access to over 150+ videos & songs 

⭐️ Access to Private Facebook Group

⭐️ “Play-Along” & “Sing-Along” versions of Ali’s songs

ROCKSTAR $10/mo 

⭐️ Everything in GUITAR HERO tier PLUS:

⭐️ Monthly Zoom Hang 

⭐️ First Dibs on New Merch

⭐️ 10% Discount on All Merch

⭐️ Your Name Thanked in the Credits on my “Slow Burn” CD & Vinyl artwork!

but it's not all about me...

One of the things I’m *most* excited about is having the chance to cheer YOU on in whatever projects you’re up to!
Whether that’s learning a new instrument, restoring classic cars, or whatever lights your fire — our VIP club is a place where you can share what you’re up to, and I can encourage & inspire you, as well as share the insights & tools that’ve helped me most in my creative life.

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⭐️Backstage with ali ⭐️

As a member of ⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️ you’ll be a vital part of shaping our Backstage community — as we go along, I’ll be asking for your requests — like songs you’d like me to cover, topics you’d like me to talk about on our live hangouts, & guests you’d like me to interview.  

Though I’ll be guiding us, this is your community as well as mine, and I’m excited to make it the best part of your day!


Here's what you get every month:

“Not only are you an amazing singer and musician but you have also created a personal pathway to your fans…Backstage With Ali gives us a great way to connect with you.”

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When you join today, you’ll get INSTANT access to OVER 150+ songs & videos in the archives!
You’ll also get instant access to our Private Facebook Group, where you can interact with Ali & the other members on a regular basis.

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Ali Handal with purple Les Paul

one more thing...

I’m excited to bring you Backstage with me — in addition to getting all the goodies listed above every single month, you’ll also experience some fun surprises I’ve got in store only for my VIP club members!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you join ⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️ you’ll receive a Welcome Email with your login info.

You’ll find the “Member Login” box on the lower right-hand corner of my website. Once you’re logged in, the box in the lower right-hand corner will turn into your “Member Menu,” which you can use to explore ⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️

Our monthly online hangouts take place via Zoom so we can chat “face to face.” Feel free to request songs and submit questions to me in advance of each live session.

That’s okay! You don’t have to use Facebook to enjoy ⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️

You can still access all the content and attend our monthly Zoom hangout to say hi to Ali & your fellow members virtually!

I’ve found that most every creative person could use some outside encouragement and support ~ and the obstacles I’ve encountered as a musician have a lot in common with stumbling blocks in other areas.

The current cost is $10/month for the Rockstar Tier ~ but the LEGEND Black Friday special gets you a year of Rockstar membership for just $99

And if you prefer a no-frills ⭐️Backstage With Ali⭐️ experience, you can still be a Guitar Hero for just $3/month!

No problem – you can cancel your membership any time, in which case you will not continue to be billed. Just email me and I’ll take care of it for you.

Cancellation takes effect at the end of the membership month in which you cancel, at which time you’ll lose access to everything on the ⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️ website.

If at any point you’d like to re-join ⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️ you’ll be welcomed back with open arms at the new (higher) price.

No offense taken – I totally get it! I don’t EVER see or process your payment details. It’s all handled by a reputable 3rd party company (Stripe) via their secure servers.

Sure! You’ll be able to request songs for me to play during our live hangout sessions — and if it’s a song I really love, I’ll record it & offer it as a free download for ⭐️Backstage with Ali⭐️ members!

Absolutely! All songs, as well as audio from Behind-the-Scenes videos, are downloadable AND streamable.

“Play-Along” tracks are Ali’s songs minus the lead guitar track, so you can play your guitar and take solos with Ali & her band!

“Sing-Along” tracks are Ali’s songs minus the lead vocal track, so you can sing along with Ali & her band.

“Play & Sing-Along” tracks are Ali’s songs minus the lead guitar AND the lead vocal, so you can stand in for Ali 😉 (Ali used these tracks when she toured Australia for 3 weeks without a band)

No problem ~ Email me at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

“As always – ever inspired by you! I wouldn’t have even picked up a guitar again after 3 decades if not for you!!”

join me backstage, won't you?

I’m excited for what we’ll create together!

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