“Dirty Little Secret” Reviews

“Ali Handal’s record Dirty Little Secret flat-out rocks. Coming off as some child of Ani DiFranco and Jimmy Page, Handal has the guitar chops and fierce voice to knock you on your butt. From the John Frusciante/Chili Peppers-styled funk intro of “Slave to Ambition” to the fluid acoustic fingerpicking on “Distance,” Handal’s guitar work is

Top DIY Pick – Performing Songwriter Magazine
“One does not have to venture into the realm of instrumental rock…to find a woman who can rock out. Why not take the popular “female singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar” sound, add heavy doses of attitude in the form of old-fashioned raunchy guitar, and see what happens? Enter Ali Handal…Ali swings her axe with the big boys on her debut disc Dirty Little Secret.”

Michael Mueller – GuitarOne Magazine
“Dirty Little Secret never loses its groove and Ali blends with the flow of the music in a very exciting way.”

Music BIZ Magazine

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