That’s What She Said, Ali’s most recent CD produced by four time Grammy® Award winner Seth Horan.

That’s What She Said is full of movement-inducing swagger, wrapped up in a rootsy getup, putting together ample grooves, nervy guitar licks, no-bullshit lyrics and a sassy vocal.” ~Something Else!

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Make Your Move - Ali Handal

Make Your Move, Ali’s rockin album, produced by two time Grammy® Award winner Seth Horan.

“Ali’s CD Make Your Move is a mélange of riff-fueled rockers that could stand up to anything broadcast on The Midnight Special in the ‘70s, dreamy singer-songwriter fare, funk workouts, and ballads spritzed with Beatles essence.” ~Guitar Player Magazine

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Breathing Underwater CoverBreathing Underwater, Ali’s intimately acoustic CD, featuring Wes Wehmiller on bass and David Leach on percussion.

“Talented and beautiful…..Breathing Underwater is drenched with Handal’s lush acoustic guitar work and hushed vocals…” ~Guitar World Acoustic Magazine

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Dirty Little Secret CoverAli’s debut CD Dirty Little Secret features Ali’s fiery lead guitar playing and passionate vocals.

“Ali Handal’s record Dirty Little Secret flat-out rocks. Coming off as some child of Ani DiFranco and Jimmy Page,
Handal has the guitar chops and fierce voice to knock you on your butt.”
~Performing Songwriter Magazine, Top DIY Pick

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