Indy the Cat


The Legend of Indy the Cat

Indy the Cat, infamous within the world of feline crime-lore, was once universally feared as the most dangerous and skilled cat burglar in the world.  Starting his career as a kitten juvenile delinquent, he quickly mastered the art both of rear window entry and screen door escape from multi-unit inner-city dwellings (captured in these crime-in-progress undercover photos). Though Indy often worked alone, he preferred cavorting with his female littermate – and partner in crime – Pumpkin (pictured here above Indy mid-screen-door-escape).

Soon tiring of simple home invasion robberies, Indy turned to his real passion in life: feline genetic cloning.  Sneaking into the inner sanctum of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, Indy successfully cat-napped cc: – the world’s first cloned cat – in order to study her up close and personally.

Though Indy was eventually caught and brought to justice, the whereabouts of cc: remain a mystery to this day.

Behind the Meows:

That was Indy warming up…now listen to Indy meowing on his own song! Indy

Who Is Indy The Cat REALLY?

Indy is my adorable fuzzy baby, my singing buddy, and the subject of the very first 100% happy song I ever wrote.  I adopted Indy and his sister Pumpkin as kittens from the Pasadena SPCA on February 21, 1997.  Indy’s pre-adoptive name was Teddy, as in Bear, which totally fits him – he’s always been extremely huggable!

I chose to name Indy after one of my favorite movie characters of all time: Dr. Indiana Jones.  Like his namesake, Indy is an incorrigible adventurer and never fails to get himself into trouble!  Currently, his favorite places to explore are high shelves and open suitcases (though as a young cat, he never missed an opportunity to jump into the refrigerator).

Indy is a gifted vocalist, and whenever I warm up my voice, he chimes in to keep me on track (see video).  His professional singing debut was on my funky rock song “Indy” (heard on my debut album “Dirty Little Secret”).  For that track, I followed Indy around with a microphone and captured his most robust meows, in addition to some Harley-Davidson-inspired purring.  He was mostly right on pitch for the recording – I only had to auto-tune the very last meow of the song, which is pretty fantastic for any cat’s first experience in the studio!

These days, Indy gets most excited about meowing opera arias such as “Caro Mio Ben” – I look forward to sharing video footage of that with you in the near future!

As for Pumpkin, she values her privacy and prefers to stay out of the limelight.


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