House Concerts

Have you heard about the House Concert phenomenon?  It’s going on across this country (and in other countries too!), and I’d like to invite you to be a part of it.
Have you ever had someone play a song just a few feet from you, and gotten chills as the energy of the music flows right through you?  Music fans and artists are finding ways to create that magical experience every weekend – by having concerts in people’s homes.

I’ve been doing these shows for years and I would love for you to be a part of it. If you have a living room and 20 friends, we can make it happen. Just EMAIL ME today , and we’ll talk possibilities.



An Intro to House Concerts:

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Check out this video from Ali’s House Concert at Jamshid’s home in Princeton, NJ:


House Concert Testimonials:

“Our September 22nd House Concert with Janet Robin and Ali Handal was another great evening that will definitely go down among our very favorite shows. Everyone loved Janet and Ali’s songs and sets. Wow! Can these ladies rock with the best of them. Truly some incredible guitar playing. Thank you to Ali and Janet for a wonderful evening! So much fun!” ~ Russ & Julie, Oak Park CA

“Awesome house concert!  Thanks to everyone, especially Ali for performing!” ~ House Concert Host Jamshid A., Princeton, NJ

“Phenomenal music, awesome people, and tons of delicious food – Jams, I’m already RSVPing “Yes” to the next one you have!”  ~ House Concert Guest Cassie L.

“So glad to hear Ali’s music. She rocks!”  ~ House Concert Guest Lisa B.

“It was great.  Thanks Ali for playing for us!”  ~ House Concert Guest Ryan G.

Ali’s Past House Concerts — Will Your Home Be Next?

Vista, CA – Hornbacher House Concerts

Marin County, CA – Presented by Drew Pearce

Mill Valley, CA – Presented by Drew Pearce

Evergreen Park, IL

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

Princeton, NJ

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