Co-Ed Prison Sluts, The Musical (Yes, Really!)
by on September 20, 2011 in Misc

WARNING: NOT For the Faint-of-Heart!

Sex * Obscenity * Hamsters

One of my favorite musicals of all-time is an obscure off-Broadwayshow I saw back in the early ’90s called Co-Ed Prison Sluts.
My DAD took me and my sisters to see it in a little theater onBleecker Street (yes, I had an unconventional upbringing!).  It was so hilarious and cleverly written (especially the music!) that I still have the program, the t-shirt and the pink cassette tape I bought the *first* time I saw it (yes, I went back a second time with friends).

It’s a simple plot, really…we follow the prison’s newest inmate, Alice, as she learns the ropes from other crazy inmates, including Hamster Man, Slick, Dr. Bellows (the drag queen prisonpsychologist) and his dog Fluffy.  With catchy songs like “Hey We’re in Prison,” “Sh*t, M*th*r-F*ck*r” (my personal favorite), and”The Dog Is Eating My Hamster Now,” Co-Ed Prison Sluts was definitely not your traditional family musical. Yet, my dad must’veknown in his infinite wisdom that it would be one of my favorite shows of all time…go figure!

As it turns out, Co-Ed Prison Sluts is the longest running musical in Chicago (where it originated), and, fortunately for all of us, it’s still in production at the Annoyance Theatre! To learn more about it, CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any of the brilliant songs, all penned by Faith Soloway, on iTunes.  You’ll just have to go see the show for yourself!

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