Thank God For Birth Control

Hi, I’m Ali Handal — singer/songwriter & guitarist based in Los Angeles. Thanks so much for checking out my song “Thank God For Birth Control” — co-written with the incredibly talented Eric Schwartz!
Ali Handal Gretch by Ray Gutierrez

As a happily-married woman who’s joyfully chosen NOT to bear children, I’ve always been incredibly grateful to live in a time and a place where I’m able to make this choice for myself. I get to dedicate my life to empowering my fellow musicians and brightening the days of my fans, friends and family (including many super-lovable nieces and nephews).

And, like many other women (and men) who’ve chosen to remain child-free, I’ve been incredibly annoyed by people who repeatedly question my decision or insist that I’ll regret not having children at some point in the future.

So, for myself, my fellow child-free adults, and the parents who wish they could be us for a day (or maybe just a few hours), I wrote this little ditty… Enjoy!

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Here’s a sneak peak at an early mix of “Thank God for Birth Control” — to be released on my fourth album in 2017:

Dirty diapers, sleepless nights, pacifiers, puke-stained whites
Tempest in a sippy cup, sounds like fun – sign me up
Runny noses, filthy hands, bickering in mini-vans
Screaming fits that sap the soul, Thank God for Birth Control!

There’s a vas deferens between the way our friends with kids spend Saturday
While they’re out buying Buster Brown we’re in the kitchen getting down

I create life my own way, grabbin’ my guitar to play
Every day I get to choose, I’ll change my plans to chase my muse
Cuz my true love’s in every note that keeps my heart and soul afloat
I’ll never two-time rock n roll, Thank God for Birth Control

It’s a dirty job you can’t undo, but if you dig it, hey, good for you
Before you urge us all to play, ponder, please, the price we’d pay

Daddy’s angel knows it all, ditching homeroom for the mall
Likes to bat those baby blues at dropouts with homemade tattoos
Booze it up and burn one down, going for the triple crown
Hooking up their only goal, Thank God for Birth Control

© 2016 Ali Handal & Eric Schwartz

Here I am performing the song live in 2016:

@copy 2020 Ali Handal