Takedown ~ Drums Recording Session w/ Jimmy Paxson & Seth Atkins Horan

In this video, you’ll see the beginning of the process of building a track from the ground up.

After going through the song with Jimmy in the studio’s lounge, I head into a small booth and Jimmy goes into “the big room” where his drums are set up. We record one full take of the song with me singing and playing a “scratch track,” meaning, it’s a placeholder that I’ll eventually record over.

Once we’ve played through the song together once, and my scratch track is recorded, I go into the control room with Seth to hear how Jimmy’s parts sound with mine, so I can listen to Jimmy play future takes without having to also play with him (it’s VERY hard to evaluate parts while you’re also playing!).

This video gives you a sneak peek into the recording process ~ the things Seth and I discuss when throwing around ideas for different parts, as well as Jimmy’s amazing array of percussion “toys.” My FAVORITE “secret weapon” of Jimmy’s is his trash can ~ the sound is absolutely amazing, and he changes that sound by putting an array of crazy things on top of the can to make it resonate differently (as you’ll see in the video). I hope you enjoy being a fly on the wall in this session 😄

To watch me run through the song with drummer Jimmy Paxson before this session, click here.