Stories Behind the Songs: That's What She Said (the Album)

This is the fourth and final (for now 😉) chapter of a small series where I talk about the stories behind my songs and studio albums 🤩

I’ll be going through each song on my 4th studio album, That’s What She Said, and talk about the inspiration behind the songs.

Member Doug G. was the one who first requested I do this, so thanks for the suggestion, Doug!!

Track Listing

1. You Get What You Settle For
2. Smoke More Pot
3. The World Don’t Owe You A Thing
4. Let Go
5. I Love My Pussy Cat
6. What Is And What Should Never Be
7. Enough For Me
8. Thank God For Birth Control
9. Not A Pretty Girl
10. Everybody’s So Naked
11. Better Man
12. Last Lullaby

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Please Note: In this video, I mentioned a couple of alternate versions of songs that I would share with you. You’ll find them below 🤓