Slow Burn ~ Various Recordings

This is a sneak peek at where we are with the title track, Slow Burn. On this month’s recording-in-progress track, you’ll hear a “scratch” (i.e., temporary) vocal and acoustic guitar, which I recorded while we recorded the drum tracks (played by Jimmy Paxson).

Seth and I are *also* working on a totally different version of Slow Burn, which I’m hoping to be able to share with you in the near future 😍

The version of “Slow Burn” I’m sharing with you has the final acoustic guitar on it ~ I used my hubby Andrew’s handmade Ryan guitar, and WOW does it sound amazing! I use this guitar for all of my acoustic tracks that need to sound gorgeous. It’s the most beautiful acoustic guitar I’ve ever recorded with. 😊 There’s also a new “scratch” lead vocal on the track that you haven’t heard before. I’ll be replacing it with a final lead vocal, as well as lots of backgrounds as the song progresses. Also still to be added are more guitars. You’ll hear a bit of what I have in mind on the choruses, as I added some heavily-reverbed slide guitar (to get that sound, I had my Reverb setting on my amp all the way up, which I don’t usually do – I love the “countrified” effect!).

Guitar Therapy ~ Slow Burn (Session 1), click here.

Slow Burn ~ Solo electric performance, click here.

Slow Burn ~ Story behind the song, click here.