Slay It ~ Songs for Sync

This song was born at 3am on the bathroom floor of a hotel room in Maui! 🌈 I was at an intensive songwriting retreat associated with the Hawaiian Songwriting Festival, sharing a room with 4 other women. We’d been spending our days soaking up as much as we could from the “movers and shakers” in the business of licensing music for film & TV (also called: Sync).

We were writing songs with new co-writers and experienced producers every day, in these jam-packed 3-hour sessions, and my brain was buzzing with ideas! So much so that, in the middle of the night, a new lyric, and the rhythm of that lyric, came to me. 

It was ballsy, confident, and I could just *hear* the pounding electronic beat pulsing behind those words, like I was in an advanced cardio class or something! 😜

It was *perfect* for Sync.

I had to get it down on paper! But it was pitch black, and all of my roommates were asleep. I didn’t wanna wake them up (we were getting not enough sleep as it was!), so I silently crept out of bed, grabbed my pen and notebook, and made my way to the bathroom.

Once in there, I shut the door and sat on the floor, and stayed there for about 20 minutes, spilling all my ideas onto the page as the garish bathroom light flooded my eyes.

Cut to… 

Every co-writing session I have in the following year. Each time, I get out my pile of partially-written lyrics, and I pass over this one…I know it’s going to require a certain kind of production, as I’ll be producing it for Sync and not for myself as an “artist.”

Until one day in October of 2020, my longtime producer Seth Atkins Horan and I were talking about collaborating on some songs specifically for Sync, and I thought about this lyric. FINALLY, I could complete this little piece of music that had flown into my ears back in Hawaii. 

Seth used electronic elements like drum loops & “drops,” and mixed them with my electric guitar and some analog synths I played in his studio. The result is this hard-rockin’ tune with a touch of techno 🤖