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Limited edition CD 

10 songs that move & groove

inspiring lyrics

rockin energy

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OK, I like the sound, but who are you exactly?...

Glad you asked! I’m Ali Handal, an independent rock musician from L.A. and I’ve been making music for the last 20+ years. 

I’ve been featured in Guitar Player Magazine, American Songwriter Magazine, Guitar World, and Vintage Guitar Magazine

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve released 4 albums, one of which charted on Billboard.

I’ve been fortunate to have my songs featured on films and hit TV shows, as well as the opportunity to tour worldwide and write a guitar instruction book published by Hal Leonard.

If you love the classic rock guitar riffs of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and beyond, my music is for you! 

Need to hear more? Take a listen to a couple more tracks below 😎🎧


"Wow! A real life singer, songwriter & musician who ROCKS in 2023? I thought they went extinct 25 years ago! You are the real deal and have a new fan. Keep it up and I'll spread the word."
~Craig J. from Erie, PA
"Just bought all your stuff!! Love your sound here, cannot wait for your CDs!! Hope you will come tour in my neck of the woods in New England!!"
~David C. from Fall River, MA
"I discovered your music as a result of a pop up on my Facebook feed. You're very talented. I wish you the best of luck in wherever your life takes you!"
~Joe C. from Minneapolis, MN

Here's what happens when you order 👇

I get the skepticism of buying something random like a CD from someone you’ve never met on the internet. What a weird world we live in 🤯

So let me put your mind at ease by telling you exactly what to expect…

I hand package every order ✒️

Your CD comes personally packaged directly from me, the artist! No middleman. Your order directly supports a real independent musician 💜

You'll get free goodies in your package 🎁

I like to throw in free stickers and other fun items in every order I package to add a little extra excitement when you open it 🎉

You'll get mp3s to listen to while you wait 🎵

Let’s be real, not all of us still have CD players. This CD is a collectible item and a piece of art in itself. It’ll look good on display too so I’m including digital downloads so you can start listening right away 🎧

It's cheap to ship 🤑

$5.95 is a steal! I send through the post office to keep the price as low as possible 🏷 

Ships within a week 🚀

I send out orders once a week, so you can expect a shipping confirmation within 7 days 🚚

Money back guarantee 🔏

If you decide you hate it, you get your money back. But honestly, if you don’t like the music, why are you still here? 😂


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