Make Your Move CD Release Party (2010)

Make Your Move CD Release Party (2010)

I was going through some old hard drives and came across this never-released footage from my “Make Your Move” CD release party way back in 2010! Right after the show, I flew to Australia for a 3-week tour, and when I came home I never really dove into the footage. One reason is that I took one look at it and couldn’t believe that none of us (the videographer team or me) even THOUGHT to remove the “Spotlight Comedy Club” sign from the curtain behind us (ugh!). That was super annoying for me to see after the fact (though nowadays I’m sure it’d be pretty easy for someone to digitally remove it).

Another thing was my hair. I had recently gotten it cut, and I felt I looked a bit too much like Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap! Super short bangs. I just didn’t wanna look at my head! 😝

The show was really great, but not perfect. And at that time in my life, my perfectionistic self could only see its shortcomings ~ the idea of releasing any performance that wasn’t absolutely perfect was too painful for me.

But now, with time and perspective, I can appreciate the great qualities of the show: the band was super tight. We were rehearsing every week and it shows! We performed some of my favorite harder rock songs (like “Canned Hunt”) I don’t often get to play ~ the ones that really need a full band to do them justice. And my band: Adam Gust (drums), Orlando Sims (bass), Daniel Brecher (rhythm guitar/vox), and Jamie Green (vox) was fire!!

Enjoy this little blast from the past!!