I'm So Bored ~ Live From the Lady Loft

Last month I cleaned out my gear closet and found a lyric sheet that my Uncle Roger had written (it was in the guitar case of the “FrankenStrat” that I inherited from him after he tragically died in a car accident when I was 15). I’ve had this lyric sheet since I was 15, but it wasn’t until last month that I decided to write a song based on his lyrics. So I guess you could say I co-wrote a song with my Uncle Roger, decades after he passed away 💕

Coincidentally (kind-of a CRAZY coincidence!), I was in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown, and his lyrics started “I’m so bored, honey, gotta get out…” 😱 When I saw that, I felt like it was the PERFECT time to take his lyric and use it for the basis of my next song.

The song doesn’t change much musically ~ I wanted to create the feeling of being bored in an unchanging environment… and the lyrics I came up with ~ based loosely on Roger’s original lyric ~ have more to do with the way I felt at the beginning of the pandemic than the way I feel now (e.g., I’m no longer feeling so afraid). 

I used the Danelectro Backtalk Reverse Delay pedal on my electric guitar ~ a pedal I rarely use, but came across while cleaning out my gear closet 😉 It was really fun and I’m gonna keep experimenting with it!

P.S: Below you’ll find both my lyrics and a photo of the lyrics my Uncle Roger wrote decades ago, that I based the song on…