⭐️I Love My Pussy. Cat⭐️

This song is a re-write of the song “Indy” from my first album “Dirty Little Secret.” The original song had the same funky bass line and was all about my sweet kitty Indy 😻 
(he’s no longer with us, but he’s always with me in spirit!

I’ve always loved writing & performing fun, silly songs that make an audience smile (and meow!), as it gives a greater emotional range to a show (and it gives audiences a break from bittersweet love songs all night long! 😉)

And I loved singing “Indy” for audiences, but eventually I wanted a cat song that was a bit more universal than a song with my particular kitty’s name in the title. 

So… I re-wrote the lyrics to “Indy” to be about ANY (and every) cat, and ended up writing a bit of a feminist manifesto about self-love and self-care! 😻😻😻

I guess it just goes to show that you never know how a song’s gonna end up! 💖😜💖

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