⭐️The World Don't Owe You A Thing/Fly Like An Eagle ⭐️

This was my first Nashville co-write — written with Phil Madeira...

…a Nashville stalwart who’s played with Emmylou Harris and written songs for Garth Brooks, The Civil Wars, Alison Kraus, and many other talents you’d recognize.

At the time in my life that we wrote this song, I was frustrated by a friend who was consumed with regret and sadness about her love life and her career. On the plane ride to Nashville, I filled a notebook with thoughts, and when I arrived at Phil’s house for our session, I opened up to him about all my feelings around this friend. One of the things I’d written in my notebook was “the world doesn’t owe you anything” and he seized the idea and ran with it.

He was *such* a fast and prolific writer ~ by the end of our 3-hour session, we had a complete lyric that I LOVED (mostly composed by Phil), but not a definite melody or chord progression (we were futzing around with different ideas but hadn’t hit on anything I was thrilled with).

After 3 hours, he announced that he had to go pick up his daughter from soccer practice, and we said our farewells. Over the next several months, I experimented with various chord progressions and melodies until I found the music that spoke to me, and our co-write was complete! 


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