Everything Happens ~ Early Mix + MASTER

Everything Happens is an original song I wrote and recorded during the pandemic… (click here to watch footage of the recording 😉) 

What you’ll hear on this early mix is a “scratch vocal” (basically, a placeholder), as well as an idea of how the recording will sound ~ and if you wanna know the story behind the song, as well as watch a solo acoustic performance of it, click here.

Here’s the FINAL master recording of Everything Happens ⭐️

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it! ⭐️ Here’s everyone who was involved:

Seth Atkins Horan – Producer, Mixing Engineer
Ali Handal – Vocals, Guitars, Organ
Jimmy Paxson – Drums, Percussion
Jonny Flaughers – Bass
Fred Kervorkian – Mastering Engineer