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Even When ~ Live in 2010 + Solo Acoustic November 2014

This is a song I wrote about my husband Andrew, but I’ve never professionally recorded or released it. I’m including a live version I performed at the Center for Spiritual Living in Costa Mesa in 2010, backed by Ron Levy & Avery Burdette on keys, as well as a solo acoustic recording I made in November of 2014.

Even When — Written by Ali Handal and Steve Altman ©2007

Even when I’m broken and I’ve foolishly misplaced my faith

You sweep in the room full of love and chicken soup

Nurse me back to grace

And all cuz you believe

Even when I’ve lost my pride and my side for the taking

You reach out your hand and you lower my white flag

Without being asked

And all cuz you believe

I could run, I could hide, I could crawl inside it

I could slip, I could fall, I could lose it all

But you stand my ground

Till my feet are found

Even when I’m angry and I don’t believe what I’m saying

You see in my eyes where the love underlies

You ask me to rise

And all cuz you believe