⭐️ Behind-the-Scenes ⭐️

BTS ~ Meet My Guitars (Pt.1)

I’d like to introduce you to five of my guitars 😊 I’ll introduce more of them to you in Part 2, but for now, here they are:

1. 1994 Gibson Les Paul, Classic Plus, Honeyburst

2. 1986  Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Black

3. 2010 Fender Custom-Shop Telecaster, Tobacco Burst

4. 1997 Gibson SJ-200 Jumbo Acoustic

5. 2005 Taylor T-5, Koa

Video Corrections: 🤦‍♀️

When I watched the video, I realized I misspoke about a few things:

1. Stratocaster – The pickguard is NOT tortoise-shell, it’s white pearloid.

2. Telecaster – The first example of the different pickups I demonstrated was the NECK pickup, not the bridge pickup.

3. Acoustic – When I said “the rest of this whole pickup,” what I meant to say was “the rest of this whole pick GUARD.” 👻

To watch Part 2, click here.