Behind-the-Scenes ~ Behind-the-Scenes ~ RagDolls Rehearsal (September 2020)

Here’s a little sneak-peek at the RagDolls’ most recent rehearsal for our upcoming Livestream. As you can see, we rehearse in singer Susie’s backyard, right next to the swimming pool (so there’s not a lot of room to move around without getting electrocuted!😜).

Also, the night of the rehearsal, SOME sort of animal had died somewhere in the vicinity and the whole yard smelled PUTRID! (some of my facial expressions may reflect me getting a big whiff of rotting animal! that or getting munched on by hungry mosquitoes 😉)

As you’ll see, last night I was in full “concentration” mode, making sure I had my parts down and could hear everything else going on in the band. From now until our first show, I’ll be practicing the set every night in order to really get the songs under my fingers so I can just let loose and have fun on stage!