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2003 P!nk Bass Player Auditions

so… back in 2003 I auditioned — and got CALLED BACK — as a BASS PLAYER for P!nk 😍 I didn’t get the gig, but was pretty psyched that as a guitarist playing bass with a pick, I was chosen for a callback! 😜 Here are a few private photos from the auditions… (I haven’t shared these with anyone before).

Oh — by the way — I “borrowed” this bass from Guitar Center for the audition (basically, I put it on my credit card, used it for a few days and then returned it). It’s a short-scale bass that was much easier for me (as a guitar player) to play than a regular sized bass guitar!

(cheating, maybe, but I was *also* playing with a pick… I mean, I am NOT a bass player, but I did pretty well considering that!!😛)